Breast Lift in Miami, Florida

If your breasts no longer appear as youthful as they once did as a result of aging, nursing, pregnancy, or other factors, we have a solution. At Balto Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL, we offer a cosmetic procedure called the breast lift that removes excess tissue and can reposition the breasts to naturally restore youthful contours. We also offer a breast lift with implants that can help women accomplish multiple cosmetic goals during a single procedure.


What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure, also known as mastopexy, that removes excess tissue and skin from the breasts to correct drooping or sagging and reshape them to improve breast contours.


Many factors can change the appearance of the breasts, including aging, gravity, nursing, weight loss, hormonal fluctuations, and more. Mastopexy can correct the way that all these factors have negatively changed the appearance of the breasts, made them appear heavy, and caused them to sag.


What Are the Benefits?

This customizable procedure can improve body contours while promoting the most natural and youthful-looking breasts. Other benefits include the following:

  • Improved breast shape
  • Youthful breast contours
  • Improved breast firmness
  • Tighter skin


What Causes Changes in Breast Appearance?

Genetics, pregnancies, gravity, aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, and other factors can all affect the appearance of the breasts and accelerate elasticity loss. The breasts contain fatty tissue, ligaments, lymph vessels, and blood vessels. The breasts do not contain any muscle tissue besides a small area within the nipple; the pectoral muscle sits below the breasts and separates them from the chest wall.


Of all the factors that affect the appearance of the breast, aging and the effects of gravitational forces affect them the most, causing them to take on a heavy or drooping appearance. The skin becomes less elastic as the skin’s underlying support network begins to break down with the aging process. The ligaments can also become weaker and stretch due to gravity, contributing to changes in the appearance of the breasts.


Customizing Your Treatment Plan Based on Your Specific Elasticity Loss

There are three classifications of breast sagging: minor, moderate, and severe. Our surgeon can determine which degree of breast sagging has affected your appearance and then design your procedure accordingly.


Your Pre-Surgical Consultation

The first step in this process is an initial consultation. We’ll meet with you to discuss your treatment goals and concerns and confirm your eligibility for the procedure. At this time, we can give you more details about what a breast lift entails, from customizing the procedure to planning for your recovery.


We’ll also answer any questions you may have about the procedure. The surgeon will evaluate the shape and size of your breast, your skin elasticity, and your overall health and then create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your cosmetic goals and needs.


Choosing the Right Incision Location

We can design a customized surgical treatment plan once we confirm that you’re a good candidate for this procedure. We’ll determine the right incision placement based on your preferences, elasticity loss, and needs.


Periareolar Incision

The periareolar incision, also known as the crescent technique, is an incision made around the areola. It results in minimal scarring and can meet the needs of patients with smaller breasts and those who want to correct mild skin laxity and sagging.


Vertical Incision

The vertical incision is also called the lollipop incision and extends vertically from the areola down to the breast crease. It can meet the needs of patients with moderate sagging and will improve breast shape and projection.


Anchor Incision

The anchor incision uses the same technique as a lollipop incision with the addition of a horizontal incision. The surgeon will make this horizontal incision along the breast crease. The anchor incision can meet the needs of patients who have experienced significant skin laxity and sagging, allowing the surgeon to significantly lift and reshape the breasts.


Customizing Your Procedure: The Breast Lift With Implants

A breast lift with implants is a procedure that combines all the surgical lifting aspects of a breast lift with the insertion of a breast implant. By combining mastopexy with breast augmentation, we can help women achieve their cosmetic goals without having to schedule multiple procedures.


We can use the mastopexy techniques to lift the breasts higher on the chest wall while also removing excess tissue and correcting sagging skin. At the same time, we can insert an implant to increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts to help women achieve their ideal body contours.


The Procedure

On the day of your procedure, you’ll need someone to drive you to and from your appointment. Once we complete the pre-operative steps and administer the anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure, the surgeon will make the incision predetermined at your consultation and will reshape and lift the breasts to improve the overall appearance and promote more youthful contours.


Loose skin will be removed, the breast will be reshaped, and the remaining skin will be tightened. If necessary, the surgeon can also reduce the size of the areola to improve breast aesthetics.


Administering Sutures

Once the procedure is complete, the surgeon will use either removable or dissolvable sutures to close the incisions, take every step to minimize scarring, and place the incisions in the most discrete area possible. Surgical tape and bandages will be applied to the breasts to allow the incisions to heal, and you’ll be provided with a supportive garment to wear to encourage rapid healing.


Your Recovery

After undergoing a mastopexy, you’ll need to follow some specific post-operative instructions to ensure the best recovery and surgical outcome. We’ll provide you with complete aftercare instructions, schedule follow-up appointments, and monitor your progress throughout your recovery to ensure that you are comfortable and healing well.


Learn More

If you want to learn more about mastopexy or are interested in a breast lift with implants, we can give you more details and confirm your eligibility. Our goal is to customize a procedure that will reverse how aging and other factors have impacted the appearance of your breasts and help you achieve natural results that make you feel more confident about your physique.